Research on SPK

We started the research project at Sambor Prei Kuk since 1998. The aim of our research is to illustrate the full sketch of the urban structure and to clarify the historical perspective of this archaeological site. Several research activities have been carried out with many fields of experts so far;


          Survey to illustrate the entire group of monuments (field survey, measurement, geomorphological survey, etc.)

          Producing of fundamental materials required for conservation and restoration (making inventory of the monuments, artifact, decorative elements, old photos, and architectural drawing)

          Archaeological survey for the purpose of reconstructing the original status of temple complex and these historical transition (at Prasat Sambor, several sites in moated city area, Prasat Robang Romeas, etc.)

          Material studies (brick, mortar, stones, etc.)

          Architectural studies on the style and dating of each structure

          Analysis of unearthed artifacts



We published the results of each researches in academic journal and reports (here).



Ÿ   遺跡群の全体像を把握するための悉皆調査(踏査・測量・地形学調査等)

Ÿ   遺跡群の遺構に関する基礎資料の集成(遺構目録、図面記録、遺物目録、装飾彫刻の写真目録、古写真目録の作成)

Ÿ   遺構の復元考察や歴史的変遷の解明を目的とした考古学的発掘調査(プラサート・サンボー寺院内、都城内各所、ローバン・ロミアス寺院等)

Ÿ   煉瓦造祠堂や寺院伽藍の復元や様式研究、建造時期や編年に関する調査

Ÿ   遺構の構造的破壊の原因とメカニズム、構造補強の方法に関する調査

Ÿ   遺構の建材(煉瓦・漆喰・石材等)とその劣化に関する調査

Ÿ   考古学的発掘調査による出土遺物の分析